Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Crystal report, A generic error occurred in GDI+

one day, some app server has the error to render the Crystal report. It’s a server side problem, So run a debug and attach to the server side w3wp. turn on unhandled exception.

mdbg> ca ex
mdbg> a 2876
[p#:0, t#:75] mdbg> g
STOP: Exception thrown
        _message="A generic error occurred in GDI+."
        _stackTrace=array [20]
IP: 210 @ System.Drawing.Image.Save - MAPPING_APPROXIMATE
[p#:0, t#:75] mdbg> w
Thread [#:75]
*0. System.Drawing.Image.Save (source line information unavailable)
1. System.Drawing.Image.Save (source line information unavailable)
2. CrystalDecisions.Web.HtmlReportRender.ImageObjectRender.SaveImage (source l
ne information unavailable)

then keep going, you will find the foder there, it’s the cr engine which trys to save some file locally.

then Just check this temp folder to see whether the folder is accessible? whether the app has the access. for this case,
NObody can access this folder now. so that’s the root case.

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