Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How to: test ElasticSearch geoLocation support

Here is a quick tutorial to setup ES 2.1 and index some earthquake data by using the REST api. and then do by query by assign the POI within couple miles and return those earthquakes count aggregated by Range.
the query looks like this.  basically query all the earthquake happened near San Diego within 300KMs.

and the results showing the individual earthquakes and the buckets aggregated.
you can grad the data source from USGS , I closed the CSV file here
to do the Indexing, first we define the mapping , I used Postman to do the REST call. My mapping looks like this,
once we have the mapping and Index, we can feed the data to ES using the Sense tool. I put a small script to parse the CSV data to JSON following the Bulk format. 
like this

And I found Sense is the best client when you do the Bulk indexing, all other REST plugin in Chome give me the encoding error.
then copy and paste the data we convered, basically tell the importer we want to create a new document called eq, then the doc itself

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Http 1.1 Chunked transfer.

If you inspect the http response with some zipped resources, you may find 2 things. I assure we are on HTTP 1.1. there is no content-length header ins the response, also the transfer-encoding is chunked.


and Http 1.1 have a full spec about the chunked encoding, check it here. http://www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc2616/rfc2616-sec3.html#sec3.6

if you use node.js , we can write a simple test to try out the chunked transfer. here is the source code


and try pull the response using wget. you will notice the 3 seconds delay between Okay3 and 4.


and inspect the traffic in between, you can see the wirelevel bits


1st response returns Okay1


then the 2nd returns2 and 3


after 3 seconds delay

we get okay4



once we call the end , you can see the end trailer.

wireshark are smart enough, to tell you 4 frames invloved in this http req/res


Monday, May 18, 2015

Power-shell , Filter and Projection

To getstart with any command in PS, run help.



To filter it, use the where-object or use ? directly.


get running service


Or just using ? instead.


Using Select to run a projection, select name, status only


also, you can skip and tail the results


sellect last 5 only


convert the result to a Html page? using the convert*


to show it in a gridview


Friday, May 1, 2015

What's new in asp.net 5

updates for asp.net 4.6, web forms mvc5

roslyn support. .net compiler

roslen c# languae fature
var name="ss"
var messgage=$"this is a amessag  {name}"


totally modular
>old days, all features on. now , you can turn on off , faster
>cloud support
>faster dev cycle. 2 seconds to compiler
>cross platform. run on mac, linux, windows
>faster. less memory

powerd by readthedocs, markdown syntax

1. turn on featues on and off, moduleer. can run on IoT

//like the nodejs
public void configure(IapplicationBuild app)

app.run(async (context)=>
await context.Response.WriteAsync("Hello World")

//add dependency .microsfot.aspnet.diagnostis


dnx . web //start the app

//not static handler by default. need add dependency
//add dependency

app.useStatiffiles (); // extension methods

2. roslyn engine
instead of compile cs to dll, then load it.
now load it in memory

DNX (Dontne Execution Environment)
5.0 core

old file have the csproj, inclue all files. cause merge issues.
now all fiels in the project

commands in package.json
like alias in npm

dnx . web  //run web command in the folder.

target framework

bower support
>>>nuget not versioned

gulp support
task runner support (show gupp task)

>before build
>after build

publish the app to a disk and can run it directly. by run the web.command


<Environment names="Dev">

<link rel="stylesheet" href="cdnlink" asp-fall-back-ref="otherlinks">

model injection.
more html
<input asp-for="email" class="form-control"/>

used to be html.Textbox(m->m.Email, new {"classs=formcontrol"})

4. configuration.

new Configuration().addInifile() or addjson()

app.addUserSecretcs(), no connectionstring in web.config.
also for hosted on cloud, IT ops will asign those value

user-script //
user-script set AppSettings:SiteTitle "sec title"

5. controller

new ScrottController () , no need for base calss

public xxxController()

public string Index()
return "hello, index"

6.dotnet version manager
dnvm list

7. mac

yo asp.net
dnu restore

dnx run kestrol
Mcirosfot.aspnet.serverhosting -server kestrol

8. run on rsp pi

What's new in C# 6

Roslyn open source

  IDE Features (CTL+.)
  . lightball to remove unused namespace
    .. fix the scope , remove all unused cross the project / solutions
  . refactor
    rename, introduce local variable, show conflict
    add this automaticaly if their is conflict that could be resolved by IDE
  . Array vs ImmutableArray

  var c=new ImmutableArray(); call c.length will trigger null exception.
  //you can build code analyzer
  //tell the ide you shoudl you  ImmutableArray<int>.empty

language new features
  instead of big change, little things added.

  1.using static System.Console. //simar typescript import {WriteLine} from systemcnosole

    then you can call WriteLine methods.
  2.Immutable, auto property.
    public class Point
      public int x {get;}
      public int y {get;}=default10;
  3 lambda for methods
    public void string ToString()=>String.format("tostring {0}", x);

  4 $String,
    public void String toString()=>$({X}{Y})
  5. nameof(variable)
    if p!=null && p.name=="xxx"
    will be if p?.name=="xx"
    if json!=null && json['x']!=null && json['x']=="mon"
    will be
  7.initlize elements
    public JObject tojson()=>return new jsonobject(){['x']=x, ['Y']=y }
  8. awit in catch block

    var result=await repo.DosomethingAsync();
    catch(Excepton ex)
      await repo.LogException(ex) //doable now

  9.catch(Exception ex) when (ex.Occurences>3)

Debugging features
  1. you can edit code, even add new class , and do initialization code when debugging the app
    run linq query

    also in watch window

  C# extensions toolkit in the extnsion gallery
  2. C# interactive window

      #r "System"
      #r "System.Core"
      using System.Diagnostics;
      using System.linq;
      var memoryPigs =from p in Process.getProcesses() where p.workset64 >64*1024*1024 select new
      {p.ProcessName, p.WorkingSet}
      foreach(var r in memopigs)

Friday, April 24, 2015

wse 2 run windows server 2008 R2

For some legacy issues, you app stack might use WSE to do the message level authentication. and if you have to run wse 2 in your asmx hosted on windows server 2008 R2. here could be some issues and solutions.

1. If you bind multi Binary kerberos token to the request and send to the server, you might be rejected even both of them are valid. like you put host to abc and abs.fullqualifiedname.com

solution: manually downgrade the wse 2 from 2.0.3 to 2.0.1. I found since 2.0.3, the request filter does not allow 1+ tokens

2. unable to extract username from the binary token passed from client.

solution: config the application pool to run on 32 bit mode. twick the code a little bit, to remove the session key extraction.


if always shows me the memroy access exception when it try to do the session key marshaling.

check the code in Microsoft.Web.Services2.Security.Tokens.Kerberos.LsaServerContext.LogonUser(byte[] inToken), you might just decompile the code ,chagne it and sign it back using your own key. and update the reference to your version of wse.dll

Friday, April 3, 2015

JWT token, signed in C#, and Decode in JS

JWT is a widly used token system that we can share token info between APIs or between Apps.

i.e we can sign the token by using a shared key in C#, then verify the token in javascript by using the same sharedkey.

in C#, you can search nuget for the jwt , there are several libraries.

let’s I want to sign a simple clamin using the simple password.

we get token eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzUxMiJ9.eyJuYW1lIjoiUGV0ZXIiLCJSb2xlIjoiQWRtaW5zLFJlYWRlciJ9.Qh2J93epa7ls0y6DAn_8YvIRoRHq28hLT9N-93fStcajCd90nLzLG6Vit-Qdfl1TsPtL56qh4jiKDOzpfs1OyA

then follow the library for different languages from jwt.io to do the decoding

Past the token into the validation box, and enter pass in the shared key, you will see token get decoded and verified


Friday, March 27, 2015

C# TPL some basic code

Fast win pattern, you might query several urls for the same info, which one return first , that one will be the winner.

Send in parallel and join together.
long running and cancellable task, if get canceld, try compensate it




Thursday, March 12, 2015

Vagrant, Proxy issue, centos local repo and ad-hoc testing

Vagrant is a good VM automation tool for both developers and devops, here are some basic tips that I found useful

   if you are stand behind a proxy, you can install one vagran proxy module. the module will setup the proxy on guest machines, like yum.conf, http_proxy variable etc.
here is the plugin https://github.com/tmatilai/vagrant-proxyconf



when you boot up the vm, you can see the proxy setting applied depends on your OS type


Yum Repo.
   you might have one local repo in the company, you can either build all boxes internally which already assign the repo url to local. or just copy one repo to override the system one by using the provisioning scripts.



and in your local file, change the ip to internal one


Provision scripts to check whether package installed or not. using rpm to query package or use command to determine whether a command exists


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Opencart fix, show the shipping method in orders admin page and filter by shippingmethod

it turns that this should be a common feature for opencart admins, basically the operation team would like to see orders with priority shipping method and process those orders first. on 1.5, no way you can see this at once. basically the orders page looks like this by default


they actually want to see the UI like this, with shipping method on the overview


even more, they want a filter to see all orders with priority shipping selected.


To fix this, pretty straight forward. change the orders module/controller/template file, to include shippingmethod in the data query back. and add a filter logic to narrow down records.

I have a patch file, email me if you are interested. click about me on the page to get my email

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

C# merge sorting vs insert sorting

Quick test for a 50K random double array with random order, to soft it using the system libarry  and my own insert sorting/ merge sorting, the time takes to do the soring is quite different.

given a array with size 50K of  double values,


if increase to 100K, more time for insertion sorting




Friday, February 6, 2015

Jquery , Simple plugin with default options

check this sample fiddler, http://jsfiddle.net/androidyou/dox5x8pp/

basically, we can use the $.extend to assign a default value if options are not assigned.


if you put default option,



Wednesday, January 7, 2015

DNS troubleshooting tools and tips - nslookp

if you are on Windows, dig is not there, you can do most DNS query through nslookup.

to see the DNS cache on your local server,  run “ipconfig /displayDNS”


same thing, ipconfig /flushDNS to purge the cache.

to see name server of a giving domain


to see all infomration like root server, try nslookup , set all


to see mx record of amazon.


to see the spf record?


what about debug information


to see all information


to see all the ips of a domain or even this history.



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