Thursday, April 26, 2012

MCPD, 70-515

Just passed the 70-515 Test, with 871/1000. just spent the last 4 days to prepare this certification. here are some useful information,
  the test has 60 questions, most of them has a single answer choice. the rest are two choices.  need answer 70% of them correctly to pass the test, and you can take up to 140 Minutes to finish the test.

check the skills required, basically write some program and simple verification code to learn those new features,

and if you have a lot 3.5 experience, just follow this link to refresh the new features offered by 4.0.
What’s new in 4.0

what’s New in MVC 2.0 ( no need to check the 3.0, it’s not covered in the test yet)

that’s it, good luck


Andrew Stevenson said...

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sillyDaddy said...

Congrats on your cert! If you don't mind my asking - you referenced the exam as the MCPD - do you come out of that exam with an MCTS or the MCPD? My understanding from the Microsoft site was that the 70-515 was just one pre-req toward the MCPD.

Question #2 - do you get the result right away (while you're sitting in the testing center)?

Final Question #3 - have you taken any of the other exams listed under MCPD (like 70-516 Accessing Data... or 70-513 WCF Development...), and if so were they the same: 60 questions, etc.?

Thanks and congratulations again!

Ryan said...

#1, yes, it is one pre-req.

#2, yes, you get the anser right away

#3, yes, i attend 3 more, some of them are less than 60 questions, 48 something for wcf

sillyDaddy said...

Thanks for the information!

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