Friday, April 19, 2013

Bug: Android google-tv-remote library

If you use the android google-tv-remote library, and your device modal contains some special characters. it might crashed your android application .

When you check the code, it generate the x509 name through the following logic,


So if you are run a new ATT HTC ONE X+ phone, you might get the Name like

CN=anymote/evitareul/evitareul/HTC One X+/devid

however, according to the naming conventions, the ``special'' characters required by RFC2253 in a field That is ,+"<>; so if you don’t replace it or encoding it, you will get Exception. If you don’t catch it, it might crash your application.


the code only catch the generalsecurityeception, not the naming exception.

so you need to encode or replace the special characters. and catch the exception just in case.

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