Thursday, March 13, 2014

Apache Archiva, yet another simple Maven repository in your enterprise

Before I got a chance to play Archiva, I’ve always used the Nexus as the my maven repository across different machines. Now it turns out the Archiva is very easy to use and pretty powerful for most features I used in Nexus.
  Apache archiva is s standard jsp application, we can hosted in any container or just run as standalone,

the major usage of Archiva for me is to use it as a central repository to store all my artifacts. Basically when you are done with your project, run a “maven deploy” it will deploy it to your central repository, then across the computers you work, you can find those jars both on runtime or compile time. 

To do that, we need config a setting on the ~/.m2/settings.xml, put the server credentials there , and one your project pom file, put the repository as one of the distributionManagement subnode.

on the settings.xml,
add my own repositories that are proxyed and cached to remote,

then on the client pom.xml. just add the repository to the distributionmgmt


then once we run the mvn deploy, it will be deployed to the centorl internal repo.

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