Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How to: test ElasticSearch geoLocation support

Here is a quick tutorial to setup ES 2.1 and index some earthquake data by using the REST api. and then do by query by assign the POI within couple miles and return those earthquakes count aggregated by Range.
the query looks like this.  basically query all the earthquake happened near San Diego within 300KMs.

and the results showing the individual earthquakes and the buckets aggregated.
you can grad the data source from USGS , I closed the CSV file here
to do the Indexing, first we define the mapping , I used Postman to do the REST call. My mapping looks like this,
once we have the mapping and Index, we can feed the data to ES using the Sense tool. I put a small script to parse the CSV data to JSON following the Bulk format. 
like this

And I found Sense is the best client when you do the Bulk indexing, all other REST plugin in Chome give me the encoding error.
then copy and paste the data we convered, basically tell the importer we want to create a new document called eq, then the doc itself


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