Friday, May 28, 2010

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: column '_id' does not exist

When I write a ContentProvider that querying the Sqlite. I using the simple code as bellow. I get this weird the column doesn't not exist error.  what make me confusing that the DBHelper has been worked well for a time.

    public Cursor query(Uri url, String[] projection, String selection,
            String[] selectionArgs, String sort) {
        //Load all results
        return dbHelpder.getReadableDatabase().query(DBHelper.TABLE_EQ
                , selectionArgs, null, null, null, null, sort);

Also I defined the _ID column.

Code Of DBHelper

    public void onCreate(SQLiteDatabase paramSQLiteDatabase) {
        String sql="CREATE TABLE tableEQ (_ID INTEGER PRIMARY KEY," +
        " LAT TEXT, " +
        "LON TEXT, " +
        "MAG TEXT, " +
        "Date TEXT, " +
        "Place TEXT," +
        "Depth Text," +
        " ImageMap TEXT, ImageMap2 TEXT)" ;


How to fix it?
1. Make sure the you have a Column of _id, the column name here is case sensitive. the internal logic use “_id” as a key query to the dictionary.
2. Since the DBCreation Logic once be invoked Once. So either Remove the DB file manually which is located in /data/data/yourappnamespace/databases
or just rename the table name in your sql to reflect the changes. otherwise, you keep polling the Prevous defined DB even you changed your code.


Theah said...


This post was very useful; I was calling it "Id". I didn't realize there was a naming standard you had to follow.

I was passing the Cursor to a CursorAdapter and it didn't like that I didn't have a _id column.

Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

glad it helps:)

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