Friday, August 6, 2010

Jailbreak IPAD 3.2.1

With the help from, Can’t believe it is so easy and fast to jailbreak the IPAD. My Ipad comes with the 3.2.1 OS.


Just get one WIFI connection to Internet,Open the Safari brewer. Key in our URl, with Http://


What a Great them, follow the instruction, Slide to Jailbreak.
then It will download some bits, and start the jb process, then Reboot. Totally less than 2 Minutes.  Done!!!


If you want to copy some files and install 3rd party application which are from non-itunes sources. Open the Cydia, Install OpenSSH first.

After you finish the OpenSSH installation. you can use any SSH based client to access the File System with the Root Access. the password is alpine.

in windows,you can use the putty + winscp.




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