Thursday, December 16, 2010

eclipse OUTOfMemoryError

Eclipse is one Great and Free JAVA IDE, the only problem is that it keep crashing compared with other commercial IDE. 
Since eclipse is one standard java applicaton, so out of memory problem could be caused by wrong settings. Here is one error I get recently


Click details, to get more information.


PermGen Space, PermGen is one special Heap area to keep classes , metadata, etc.
Run JvisualVM, Click and open the eclipse JVM.


Here the max space for Perm is 64M, we used 63.998M now. that’s the perm space problem.

How to fix that, just like other XX jvm parameters, put a more big size limitation for perm to the eclipse.ini which is located in the eclipse folder.


profile the jvm again, the space get more quota now.


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