Saturday, January 22, 2011

Copy MacBook MAC and Windows Partition from one Disk to another one

I have one 60G SSD HD with the mac OS and bootcamp windows 7 64. at one day, I get  a new 160G SSD, so need to find one way to copy all the bits in MAC and Windows to the new SSD HD.

first, copy the MAC Os from old disk to the new one.  this is much easy compared with the windows partition. Just connect the second HD using the USB adapter, or external HD enclosure. boot the os to mac, and run the Disk Utility. 
    format the New HD to MAC journal format.

restore the existing MAC partition to the new HD.  (drag and drop) That’s it.


For the windows partition, Need back up it to a external HD using the winclone, then restore. 
Download and install the winclone(it’s free.)

Click preference, to disable the compressing.

Then click Image button to dump the windows partition to a DMG file.

It may take a while depending on your IO and CPU.

once done, Boot with the New HD to mac, create a windows partition using the bootcamp assistant.

then run the winclone to restore the windows partition to the new HD partition.

after that, done. for the first windows run, It may prompt you to run a diskcheck, you may skip it if you believe your HD is pretty reliable. Now you can boot the MAC/Win with the new HD.

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