Friday, July 16, 2010

IE8 JavaScript is disabled / not running after remove McAfee folder ACL

One day, JavaScript will not run on my IE .  how to make sure javascript works? here is the step to run the helloworld test. [ Open a webpage, like, then put “ javascript:alert(“hello world”) “ in the address bar , and click enter. you should get a prompt window if java script works.]

finally, I find it was caused by the McAfee ACL setting. Here is the story,

I just want to disable the McAfee temporally, the easy way is to remove all ACL on the folder, then nobody else can access the folder. for sure, the service fail to start when I reboot the PC.


    Then when you try the helloworld test. Nothing returns. Javascript is disabled, it might be  caused by Mcfee indirectly or directly.

to fix it,
         1. Add back the ACL. 
         2. The jscript.dll might be unregistered. run “regsvr32 jscript.dll” in the runbox to make sure it is registered

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