Monday, July 12, 2010

Keep Your Windows 7 boot camp and Mac time in Sync , turn off /down the annoying startup sound

If you are using windows and Mac ( a dual boot on a macbook), you may have noticed that time setup is always inconsistent between the two OSs. for me , always a 8 Hours difference. Why? that’s because Mac/Windows use different internal format to record the current time. UTC vs Local time (Pacific time for me, that explains the 8 hours difference.)

Here is the step to override the windows setting and make sure it use the UTC format as Mac does.

  • Starup windows and setup the registry
    • launch “Regedit.exe”
    • open the rg key ”HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation”
    • Create a new key called RealTimeIsUniversal (case-sensitive!, Type is REG_DWORD), set up value to 1
    • for windows X64 version, Create an extra new key called RealTimeIsUniversal (case-sensitive!, Type is REG_QWORD), set up value to 1
  • shutdown windows and switching back to MAC
  • correct your time settings
  • Done. the two OS time should keep sync then

Some reference,
Criticism of Microsoft Windows Clock management
How to Modify windows registry


Turn of the annoying startup sound of macbook

It will be Ideal if you see this in the system preference panel.

Startup Sound preference pane

thanks to ARCANA, there is one 3rd party add-in that enable you do this.

basicaly, download and install this bits from , Make sure always download the latest version. 
once installed, when open system preference, you will be able to see the startup sound panel. then enjoy the setting! No more annoying startup sound.


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