Friday, May 13, 2011

Install ADB Driver for Samsung galaxy tablet 10.1 from google io /Samsung galaxy SGH-T959

If you want to install the ADB Driver for the samsung tablet you get from google IO, you may find it’s hard to get the correct driver from samsung download site.

I found another trick to do the installation, Download and Install the Samsung Kies which will install the driver for the tablet,
Download Link,


After installation of the kies, you will see adb driver is there in the device manager,

and you can run adb devices, to see your samsung device,

For the galaxy phone , please go to the download site,

Chose the cell-phone and your model, click the software tab, download the zipped usb driver (has the ADB one too)

More Adb Driver installation Blogs,


Jennifer said...

Awesome solution. Thanks so much :)

Ryan said...

Glad it helps, Jennifer

Mark Timmons said...

I followed your steps and I see what you show up to the cmd. prompt view. When I type adb devices I get nothing...I have plugged in a Dell Streak and a Motorola Xoom (with drivers installed on the computer) and when I type adb devices I get them listed. What am I missing for this samsung galaxy 10.1???

ThaninR said...

I use Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and download the lastest version of Kies but could not see the ADB interface in windows device manager. Could anyone suggest?


Unknown said...

Nice and quite informative post. I really look forward to your other posts.

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