Monday, November 14, 2011

How to: recover the Root password for Centos

You may forget the Root password which is hard to believe, but it does happen everyday. here is the tips to recover the root password for Centos.  bad day, no way to get root access.


Now, restart the VM and boot to the geekmode.  by press any key, or CTL+X to the grub mode.

Now, Press ‘e’ to edit the command line. we need tell the kernal boot from graphics mode to single user mode
user arrow key up/down to select the kernal line,

Press e, to edit the command line, you will see the follow screen,
Now, it is on the grphics mode, rhgb=red hat graphical boot

Let’s change it to single user mode, by replacing the rhgb quiet.

after, image

Press enter to switch the parent screen. then press b to boot the single mode kernel, you can tell linux single is there
Once Done, you are in single user mode.
remember the password this time, no typo please. Winking smile

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