Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Google io 2012, Android 4.1 new features

Project Butter
.  Voice typing, offline support. (no data connection required.)
.  Accessibility support
.  Android Bean (NFC)
    send video/photo between phones.
.  Notifications.
   Actionable notification, display call button for missed call.
   Gmail new message, auto expand. swap to remove it.
   Like button on the notification bar without openning the app
   two finger gesture to expand the phones on pulse.
 . Search
    Google Now, New UI. knowldege graph
    Knowledge graph, like Siri for apple.
    Google Now, traffic, public transit. places around you,tell you what's the best food in the given restaurant. Flights information, like delay information. sports score in real time.


Google Play.
Apps,Movie, Books, Music.
600K apps, 20 B app installs.
Apk Expansion files,
improved analytics
ready to review
android training.

new features,
App Encryption. (encrypted with device-spcified key)
helpfurl for paid application. you cant export apk directly and use it on the fly.

Smart App update.

C2DM->Google cloud messaging.
    free for all developers, no quota limitations.

Nexus 7
7 inch tablet. by Asus. loaded with 4.1
 view magzine, switch reading modes.
watching tv.
new recommandation engine.
what's the song playing widiget.
chrome, standard browser.
offline maps

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