Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Free MAC HFS file system viewer on windows

When you’ve installed windows 7 on a Macbook, and always switch between two Mac and windows. you may have noticed that you can’t view the MAC file system on windows 7.

when you open the disk manager utility, the partition of mac system is unknown.


what’s the gap ?  Windows is based on NTFS/Fat, while MAC uses different file system called HFS. By default, windows doesn’t recognize and understand the file system format, Microsoft might meant to do that. there is a PC , why Mac:)

with the help of a free utility called HFSexplorer. you can read the MAC file system in windows.

simply download the zip and extract the bits. click the HFSexplorer.exe please make sure java runtime is installed on the pc, the utility is based on java technology.


Click file->load file from device.


click load , then you will be able to navigation the Mac system.


here you have to select the file or folder, click the EXTRACT button to transform the file to windows format.


more FREE tools for application developers and system administrators.


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