Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Windows Phone 7 great features that Iphone /Android doesn’t have

Windows phone features

  • Developer tools + popular programming language.( Silverlight, Visual studio , Team suite. Powerful and free )
    • Blend for designers
    • Visual studio for developers, XNA and Silverlight
    • Team integration, like bug control. Reporting, CMMI-compliance
    • Iphone use the Objective-C, not popular as C# and java
    • Android use java, but no Designer tools , eclipse is just a basic IDE. Blend based , great behavior, animation designer support
    • clip_image001
  • Define one minimum hardware spec for all phones(like With GPS, at least 5M pixels camera. . Instead of just one hardware IPhone(No Keyboard)
  • you define the important things or Life style for you. ( if you think email is important, drag it to the top of home screen. The app icon shows you how many emails you get. Also you can drag gmail, hotmail, yahoomail Icons instead of just one email)
    • Pin a people like you friend or boss to the homescreen
  • Exchange, keep the server policy in sync on phone. ( Security, audit, compliance)
  • Panorama experience, ( most phone just scroll up and down, phone like a full-range length. You can scroll left and right. ), Like People as a contact, scroll right to show the what's new in social network. Email conversations
  • Navigation patterns, Three navigation button(go back, home and search)( go back , Android has the same features+menu button.)
    • Application switching.
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  • Phone as a camera
    • No need to start the application by clicking several menus.
    • Just click the camera button even in standby mode
    • Both Iphone and android need you start the application explicitly.
    • Slide left and right to preview the pics you taken
  • Xbox Live
    • Gaming experience. Synergy integration like you avatar
    • You achievement
  • Office integration.
    • PPT, excel,
    • Sharepoint.
    • View and doc and update it , then upload it to sharepoint.
  • Features have been in other phones
    • Voice search like iphone and android
      • Click and home windows button to turn on the voice search.
    • Declare what permission you app need
      • Like access internet, call phone. Etc.
      • clip_image003
    • Android
      • clip_image004
  • Trial API
    • One line of code
  • Advertising SDK for windows phone 7
    • Download from ms download center

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