Wednesday, September 22, 2010

tomcat 7 with solr 1.4, HTTP Status 404 - /solr/admin/file/index.jsp

there might be something wrong between the solr 1.4 and tomcat 7. here is one quick story.

After I install the solr 1.4 in tomcat 7. I Open the  /sor/admin and click schema or config .


get 404 error.


the answer here is pretty simple after I did a lot debugging. Just remove the last slash.

new url will be http://localhost:8888/solr/admin/file?file=schema.xml
   instead of http://localhost:8888/solr/admin/file/?file=schema.xml

after this, you can change the index.jsp locatd in webapps/solr/admin/index.jsp

  <% if (null != core.getSchemaResource()) { %>
  [<a href="file?file=<%=core.getSchemaResource()%>">Schema</a>]
  <% }
     if (null != core.getConfigResource()) { %>
  [<a href="file?file=<%=core.getConfigResource()%>">Config</a>]
  <% } %>

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