Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Setup SQL Server 2008 Setup requires .NET Framework 3.5 to be installed.

I get an error today, when I try to install sql server 2008 on one windows server 2008. The .net Framework 3.5  is there already. you can tell from the folder. C:\windows\\Framework



the SQL 2008 requires windows installer 4.5. (you can tell from run “msiexec /?”


Go to this link to install the latest windows installer.

Then I go to %temp%, there is the setup log for sql server, also for all microsoft product. always check this folder for installation log.
there is one file called sqlsetup, here is the content.

10/20/2010 09:45:23.809 ======================================================================
10/20/2010 09:45:23.809 Setup launched
10/20/2010 09:45:23.809 Attempting to determine media source
10/20/2010 09:45:23.824 Media source value not specified on command line argument.
10/20/2010 09:45:23.824 Setup is launched from media directly so default the value to the current folder.
10/20/2010 09:45:23.824 Media source: E:\
10/20/2010 09:45:23.840 Attempt to determine media layout based on file 'E:\mediainfo.xml'.
10/20/2010 09:45:23.918 Media layout is detected as: Full
10/20/2010 09:45:23.934 Media LCID is detected as: 1033
10/20/2010 09:45:23.934 Local setup.exe not found, so continuing to run setup.exe from media.
10/20/2010 09:45:23.934 /? or /HELP or /ACTION=HELP specified: false
10/20/2010 09:45:23.949 Help display: false
10/20/2010 09:45:23.949 Checking to see if we need to install .Net version 3.5
10/20/2010 09:45:23.949 Determining the cluster status of the local machine.
10/20/2010 09:45:23.980 The local machine is not configured as a cluster node.
10/20/2010 09:45:23.996 Attempting to find media for .Net version 3.5
10/20/2010 09:45:23.996 Error: Cannot determine file version of .Net redist: 0x80004005
10/20/2010 09:51:44.615 .Net version 3.5 installation failed, so setup will close. Error code: 0x80004005
10/20/2010 09:51:44.631 Setup closed with exit code: 0x80004005
10/20/2010 09:51:44.631 ======================================================================


also I open the process monitor. to capture all fiel activity of setup.exe. , it try to read one setup file which is located in E:\x86\redist\DotNetFrameworks\dotNetFx35setup.exe


it’s not a valid PE file.

80004005 means  the file is broken.
so the final answer,  make sure you ISO checksum is correct. for me, just download a new ISO which works well.

Also Microsoft should prompt user a friendly error.

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